italian mafia gang
A person can be called an Italian Wigger or a cookie?

I mean think about it, not quiet go together .. Italians are not tranquilos''blanco''y Italians have faced many of racism by the color of the skin (I know that the Irish were faced with racism, but that was for the culture no color) Italians use people as slaves or black .. and Italian influenced bands today .. the mafia and some rappers named themselves after the italian mafia gangsters or representative Italian songs in which (Irv Gotti signed the Murder Inc. rapper [Ja Rule]) basically brought the italian mafia scene particularly to America, and so theres this guy in my school and hes Italian, but hes all G'dy he tells me that Italians are not white then theres a black man who says hes not white hes Italian .. then I'm so confused because theres only 5 races when you fil out a survey .. so the list is not much goverement races in the world .. What also happens with the Arabs, the white flame Gov't i do not get it?

The Italians are not responsible for the unique culture of The Mafia / gangsters. You will find in any culture. You will also find the Italians everywhere. The tone of the skin that you referred to is usually "oil", but no different shade and an Italian can be darker than another. Technically, the Italians are "Caucasian" or "Western Europe". The problem with labels is that they really do not work. They are generalizations and face, with the way we all mingle, "race" is really an outdated concept together. By the way, "Arab" is generally "Middle Eastern" descent. Once again, the Arabs come in many different colors and shades, as people of any culture.

Bloods vs Crips Thug-Mafia Gang Wars