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EVERY1 especialy Italian but it's nice answer, what you think about the comment below about godfather!?; _ylt = AhsEiQILmjL5z.y8P_m6tULty6IX; _ylv = 3? qid = 20071209083706AAZY3y9 is a false image of the Italian Society …. Oh by the way if you meant to be witty … perhaps seem strange that here in Italy is not the world … I noticed that most of the UK or USA people know this film (so they can feed their racism) .. in fact is not well known in Italy … we have another kind of "mafia movies, which are closer to the real problem and do not brush all Italians to be linked to The Mafia …. First of all seems very popular among Italians speak English. And it is not popular in Italy because it is not in English and Italian speaking film. The vast majority of American and English people are not racist, so you do not know where that idea! Thank you and good night:) FP-we broke for Christmas in about 12 days I like to watch then!

I disagree only when the user says here in Italy is not so famous, is actually one of the most famous film ever … But I agree on all other points. The main difference between an American and an Italian film about the Mafia, italian mafia members is always are so clearly ill, criminals are a cancer in society, not to be imitated. In American films like The Godfather, even criminal, such mafia are described in romantic and attractive. And I would say "of course" American movies are "entertainment", the Italians are films about how organized crime affects society.

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