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which is the most powerful band in general?

Overall, who do you think is the most powerful band? For i: the band of the mafia, yakuza, Crips, MS-13 (street gangs and organized crime) have been thinking, street gangs like MS-13 with more than 100,000 members, but organized crime families, as yakuza have about 85,000 members. (Information from Wikipedia) of the street gangs can be large in number, but families of organized crime as Yakuza / traids / italian mobs have more money and connections in business and global policy … Who do you think is bigger and better?

It depends on what you mean by power. In Japan, the yakuza have a lot of money and influence, but outside of Japan do not have much power. Similarly, an MS-13 in Japan will not have much luck. Criminal organizations are always going to be the most powerful in its own territory. In terms of influence in their own regions, gangs tend to have more members that organized crime syndicates, and may have a more direct power to district level. However, rarely have the kind of important business, political, and linkages of the police and organized crime groups. I think that organized crime has the edge, largely because they are better organized. I'm no expert on organized crime, but I suppose that the triads are the most powerful in terms of its membership, scope of operations, and size its territory. The triads operate not only in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, but other parts of Southeast Asia and Chinatown areas around the world since Australia to the U.S.. If you're trying to picture what would happen if all groups of offenders got into a big fight, it is important to remember that there are many different factions and families within each group. It's not like all triad groups are working together. The same for the families of The Mafia and other organized crime. They will cooperate and form alliances with others when it suits them, they also fight each other when their interests clash.

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