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I am looking into my Italian families history. My Italian name is Carlino. Is this a common name? Because when I type Carlino into google, all I get is a picture of a dog, and something about a mafia shootout.

If it isn’t common, surely chances are that I’m related to these guys. (not the dog.) If Carlino is common, how come I’m not getting more search results?

Is the name Carlino common?


Chris 🙂

Not sure how you searched there is quote a bit out there (on Google)

http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Carlino-family-history.ashx for one, If you google using “carlino name” you get a load, as well as lots of people with that surname.

If you want to trace your family roots I recommend it, its a great hobby and can open your eyes to your family roots. Below is the service I used to “kick start” me.

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