n the 70s and 80s I understand the mafia was a HUGE problem. Even in the early 90s, before their demise, they were a large problem. Does The Mafia cause much of a problem these days?

I hope I don't sound naive, but does/has anyone ever had personal problems involving the mafia (more so aimed at the older generations of perhaps Italian and Sicilian natives)?

My uncle was a Sicilian born around the 50s. He used to tell me this one story one time the mafia setup for his house to be robbed, then expected him to pay to be reunited with his possessions! Are they really as bad as this? If so, how bad can they be? He felt uncomfortable talking about it at times.

Also I realize this can be a personal subject to some people, so all due respect to those who answer. I've recently bought a book: "Cosa Nostra: A History on the sicilian mafia" by John Dickie which seems very good and informative
Also I don't want answers from people too naive to answer "they weren't a problem". It has been historically proven that they caused many, many years of misery for Italians and Sicilians alike.

Moral highground? WTF?! They're not one big family sticking together. They're infact made up of many families, and many different people. One doesn't have to be a member of that family to join, all is required is that the member is of Sicilian descent, usually in most cases have commited murder, and be carefully watched for a good number of years.

It's naive people like you who let the mafia thrive and deny its existence until 1992 (proven by Judge Givanni Falcone, who died for his work by the very thing he tried proving); who supported mafia-backed politicians such as Salvotore Lima, Giulio Andreotti and others. So get off YOUR moral highground and open the eyes to the real-life problem concerning the mafia!

Sorry for that rant, would someone mind answering the question… thanks!
I was asking information about current activities of the mafia, I've read a book on the history. And if you've personally had no problem, then you're not answering my question since that was aimed at those who believe in the existence of the mafia and who've personally had a problem with them. No where near was my question "who's not had a problem with them and denies their existence". And you wasn't kind enough when you attacked my beliefs and stated for me to "get off my moral high ground".

Google "mafia" you'll find it was more than a problem. It caused the Sicilian mafia to breakdown and cause the deaths of thousands of people. One example is the "Sack of Palermo".
edit: the last additional details was meant to read ". . . Sicilian government to break down . . ." not "Sicilian mafia"

the mafia is just like any other gang. Criminals. I personally think any type of organized crime is really an interesting and cool thing. they are really smart people. But as far as saying the are better than the russian mob, the westies (hell yea), albanian mafia or gangs like the blood,crips,hell's angel, latin kings, i really beg to differ. Crime is Crime no matter wich way you look at it. They are just on a bigger level.

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