“La Cosa Nostra” : The Positive side.

member of the lithuanian mafia

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The “Cosa Nostra’ is often wrongly portrayed as organized crime in American history. It was in fact a reference to the immigrant people having their own justice system to protect themselves from the corruption within the system. These immigrants, these Italian immigrants were often preyed upon by the system, and by other italian criminals, and so they set up their “own thing”, La Cosa Nostra. Well like anything, it can be corrupted, and so it may have over time, but the original intentions of it were to protect people, with law, order and compasssion. The black hand was the real criminal element, and “mafia‘ was from the term mafioso, who was a rich, powerful individual who commanded attention and respect. Like anything, terms and ideas are corrupted. Take alook today how much corruption in the legal system, imagine 70 years ago, when immigrants could not speak the language. So why is this positive side toLa Cosa Nostra missing from history ? The “Cosa Nostra” was originally formed to fight Spanish occupation of Sicily in the 15th and 16th century. The Cosa Nostra also provided the allies with help during the invasion of Sicily in WWII.

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