Charles “Lucky” Luciano, wrote his name in blood on the sidewalks of New York and made himself the Boss of all Bosses. Arriving in America at the age of nine and starting his life of crime at the young age of 14, Charles “Lucky” Luciano rose through the ranks of the New York mafia like a pistol shot. By the age of 34, he was running the Sicilian mob like a U.S. corporation diversifying rackets, organizing the gangs and running his own political candidates. Examining Lucky’s 30-year career as CEO of Murder, Inc. through rare interviews and extensive archival footage. Mob insiders recall the history-making meetings held in Luciano’s Waldorf-Astoria headquarters. And naval records reveal how his top-secret war efforts earned him a parole from a 50-year sentence. Journey into the dangerous world of the Cosa Nostra for the definitive portrait of one of the most notorious criminals in history “Lucky” Luciano.

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