History of a Chinese mafia in Italy which illegally became possible thanks to the sicilian mafia. As time passed they eventually become one of the most powerful gang. Chiung, the boss of the Chinese mafia, and his fellow criminals at first trafficked illegal Chinese immigrants. Due to greed the Chinese mafia had the ambition of overpowering the Sicilian mafia, so they had to resort on selling illegal human meat in Italy. Chiung found in little time a provider to find him dead corpses so that he can sell it as human meat. Jiang, the parasite of society, was one of these people.

Mark, a 55 Italian man decided to celebrate his anniversary with his wife, Sofia, at the best Chinese restaurant in the city. Unfortunately this restaurant was previously involved in selling the grotesque human meat from the Chinese mafia.

Liang Shu, the owner of the restaurant, was confronted again with the Chinese mafia to sell the meat again. He refuses but eventually agreed due to being threatened by Chiung and his gang.

Chiung receives a call from Jiang and tells him that there is another dead corpse is available. Life is like a game and Chiung will eventually fall into this unpredictable game….

Duration : 0:5:59

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