Gazzetta ufficiale n. C 340 del 10 novembre 1997
30. Dichiarazione sulle regioni insulari
La conferenza riconosce che le regioni insulari soffrono, a motivo della loro insularità, di svantaggi strutturali il cui perdurare ostacola il loro sviluppo economico e sociale.
La conferenza riconosce pertanto che la legislazione comunitaria deve tener conto di tali svantaggi e che possono essere adottate misure specifiche, se giustificate, a favore di queste regioni per integrarle maggiormente nel mercato interno a condizioni eque. NEWS2007 60°anniversario of the Sicialian Parliament in the Italian Republic. The firm Sicily to 50 years ago. Railroads, Roads and Ports in enormous delay for the Only Market of the Mediterranean of 2010. The history of the island cancelled from the Italian books. The Sicialian Language is speech all over the world from million sicialian deports to you to own expenses in the her countries. Cinquemilioni of sicialian, residents on the island reduced in reservoir, bonds only for the wars of conquest of the third millenium. Antonio founding Canepa of the EVIS still disowned to all, to he must to the rebirth of the Siciliano.IL Parliament ITALIAN PARLIAMENT, with a theft to the sicialian of beyond 100mila billions of Liras to the year of taxes on the refining of the oil, embedded incostituzionalmente from Italy, has reduced the sicialian to the daily terror of the poverty and the impending ecological disaster. The comprensorio of Milazzo has the died record of for TUMOR to lungs. 1,000 births of deformed children in the petrochemical area of PRIOLO, obsolete refineries, from Moratti to ERG, the Moratti before transferred from the America an old refinery to Augusta-Priolo (raffineria), throwing the spiccioli and the briciole of this feracious speculation in the square of the Inter, until to oggi.Pane, soccer and basket in order to distract the sicialian from the cancer, the genocidio and the pollution acclimatize them irreversible. Permissive Italian laws, imbavagliati norms of emergency ridicules, judges and I blackmail of the lavoro.Questa is the Italian law: Sicialian if you want to be in Sicily, works from slave in this , consumes our cancerogenous products, generates deformed sons and leak of tumor, you and all your famiglia.Magnifiche archaeological city as He freezes, Megara, Milazzo, Imera deturpate from refineries and centers them termoelettriche.Antiche cities like upset Agrigento, Palermo and Taormina from the traffic of million cars and camion.Il historical center of also the modern city of Messina, besieged for 30 years from the transit of 4.000 TIR to giorno.Una the railway line with the maximum average speed of 50 kilometri hour, otherwise beyond risks the derailment, on which the Railroads of the Italian State made to pay also sicialian SUPPLEMENT RAPIDO.5 MILLION are natural of the greatest island of the Mediterranean, in a RESERVOIR inexhaustible of arms from graduated job, brains and meat gun to take advantage of for the Italian economic warfares to the complete service of the multinationals of the petrolio.5 MILLION sicialian WITHOUT HOSPITALS working, decent PORTS and AIRPORTS, administrative decentralization, with single 390 common ones, instead of the 1,000 necessary ones, the concentrated local government in the hands of little impreparati, ladri and often mafia politicians.

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