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.. Movie Help with Ethan Hawke?

Alright i cannot remember much of the film, but has been going crazy not being able to remember the name. Actor Ethan Hawke is in this movie, and there's another guy with him, seem like the best of friends. Its almost like Italian, like the mafia. Rohan and I think he killed some people. somewhere time through the movie to get into cocaine. Both end up going to jail and Ethan Hawke goes, when his friend comes out what he wants to make a robbery of a great past. that the plan to rob the armored trucks that carry all the money. Ethan Hawke in the final have things go well for him and his family and is back on track. Sorry, I remember much of it! please help =)

It's "What Does not Kill You"

Mambo Italiano – mafia movies

Jive Turkey

Jive Turkey


My Best Friend's Wedding [VHS]

My Best Friend’s Wedding [VHS]


Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz and Rupert Everett star in My Best Friend’s Wedding, a high-spirited romantic comedy that serves up something wild, something new, something touching and something truly hilarious. Roberts dazzles as commitment-shy Jules Potter, who reluctantly realizes she is in love with her best friend Michael (Mulroney). There is just one catch: he’s about to marry …

The Best Thrillers You've Missed - 10 Movie Collector's Edition

The Best Thrillers You’ve Missed – 10 Movie Collector’s Edition


The Godfather Movie Engraved Logo Beer Pint Glass

The Godfather Movie Engraved Logo Beer Pint Glass


This is the officially licensed Godfather collectible pint beer glass prominently featuring the Godfather movie logo on the front. The design is permanently carved into the surface using a premier method of sandblasting to engrave even marks that will appear frosted white on the finished product. Each product is hand made by our talented team and individually quality checked before being shipped. …

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