Maffia, camorra, 'ndrangheta whatever.

I can't really speak for the italian mafia, but I can for the American mafia. Each family around the country has there own rituals of being inducted. Most of them are the same except Chicago. Basically what goes down is you got a few connected guys in a room with some made men. Some words are spoken about loyalty and the rules. The connected guys repeat it. There are a gun and a knife on the table, which the connected guys are told that they will live by the gun and knife and they will die by the gun and knife. The connected guys repeat that. Then the patron saint of that particular Family is burned while the connected guys are holding it. They say a few more things, then they are made. Chicago's the only Family that doesn't do that. There are exceptions though. I've heard of guys getting made in prison. It was basically the same thing with out the gun or the knife, and instead of burning a card with the patron saint, they burned toliet paper.

And this is to Buhda or whatever his name is…..You sort of got it right, but its " Morte alla Francia Italia anela!" (Death to the French is Italy's cry!). But don't forget about the story of how the French soldier raped a young girl on her wedding day and her mother ran through the streets screaming "ma fia, ma fia" (my daughter, my daughter).

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