famous italian mafia
Are there famous italian mafia Women only?

I am an Italian woman …. Is there any?

Dato che sei italiana, nella Parlo you nostra lingua. Ma perché chiedi what their international responses? Dovrebbero saperlo meglio di noi italiani gli stranieri? Comunque non mi risulta proprio. Improbabile sarebbe anche per i seguenti motivi: 1) I mafiosi sono molto e non maschilisti donne tollererebbero. 2) Le Donne caratterialmente not come gruppo Gli uomini fanno, e infatti ci sono ben poche aziende e fondata amministrate donne da solo. 3) Le donne sono e richiede caratterialmente nonviolent mob, almeno potenziale, violenza. Now I can translate what I wrote above in English for foreigners: As one Italian, I speak to you in our language. But why do you ask than answers about the International? Where foreigners know better than us Italians? But I do not think at all. Even would be unlikely for the following reasons: 1) the mobsters are male chauvinists and women would not tolerate. 2) Women of temperament as cohesive group than men, and indeed there are very few companies failed and administered only by women. 3) Women are not violent temper and The Mafia demands, at least potentially, violence.

Italian mafia Mario Bacio Terracino dead caught in camera

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Mafia Hits: 100 Murders that changed the Mob

Mafia Hits: 100 Murders that changed
the mob

Since the late 19th century, the Mafia has been a presence in North America using intimidation and worse to exert its control over organized crime in the major cities and beyond – anything from loansharking to bootlegging during Prohibition to extortion, kidnapping and racketeering. For the Mob (as they are also known), crime was big business. Feuds between Mafia families and their associates led …

The Fortunate Pilgrim

The Fortunate Pilgrim


efore The Godfather and The Last Don, there was Puzo’s classic story about the loves, crimes and struggles confronted by one family of New York City immigrants living in Hell’s Kitchen. Fresh from the farms in Italy, Lucia Santa struggles to hold her family together in a strange land. At turns poignant, comic and violent, and with a new preface by the author, The Fortunate Pilgrim is Italian-Ameri…

The Mafia Women's Cookbook: Quick Hit Recipes You Can't Refuse from America's Most Famous Italian Kitchens

The Mafia Women’s Cookbook: Quick Hit Recipes You Can’t Refuse from America’s Most Famous Italian Kitchens


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