how to win mafia wars
mafia Wars How players on the same level that I have access to many weapons that I can get?

I'm moving through the levels, but seems that there are players with sooo many types of weapons and armor that I can not buy for myself. And I'm not talking about weapons of shit loot, I'm talking serious heavy weapons! Where are they getting this stuff? Besides … Why can not I win fights enough? It seems that no matter how much I strengthen my defenses and attack, so by arms procurement and use of skill points to increase these things, can never win against people at my level … WTF?

So they are probably spending that the points are obtained from the proficiency levels of hangers for these new items. In addition, some high level friends could give them the elements, or perhaps there doing some missions in Cuba to win them. As for the attack, so it's going by statistics, the size of the mob, and items such as armor, a assault weapons and vehicles. people your trying to attack likely has better stats then. If The Mafia is 34 people, try to go for someone with 15-30 people.

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