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Does anyone have fun ideas for a drama about italian gangsters?

Well, I'm doing a Drama (5-15 minutes) and so far we have come to the idea of the 3 Italian gangsters, but no argument or anything … the stimulus is 6:30 pm, if that helps any of you Can you please help with some fun ideas for the parcel and / or some little funny bits that can Add in ??… Please be very detailed so you can get some decent ideas … Thank you! And yes, I have asked this question before but only one answer and it was cr @ p. .. . so again please, that would be very thorough in place of "Just do the Godfather" or something .. Sorry for being so demanding haha

The Godfather is coming at 6:30 to collect his award winning anchovy, the largest in history. The problem is that in the way that is populated by a taxidermist, Big Tuna the cat ate it. Now, Gumbo, flat feet walking, and Spitoni, who spits when he speaks, must be replaced, will either end in the Atlantic Ocean. Now, Big Tuna knows a guy at the fish market might help; Spitoni know a longshoreman who can put in the boat together Iceland, and Gumbo is thinking of witness protection program. The time is near; Gumbo comes running saying, "children, that's all! The Godfather in your way! That night we slept with the fishes! "Spitoni:" All because of a lousy dago anchovy and a cat! "Big Tuna" It's not going down without a fight! I am a man, not a robot that can send. I'll show you who the big cheese around here! "Spitoni:" Yes, a Swiss cheese are you going to be filled holes. Gumbo: Wow, and I bought that land in the cemetery too, right after Charlie died. I wonder if I can get a refund? Big Tuna: "Why do you want a refund? Gumbo: "By the time they get me out of the river, I smell so bad, the other bodies generates a bad smell! Nobody will bury me!"

pissed Italian gangster ranting UNITY RACEWAY IN MAINE true

Eurocrime!  The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the 70s

Eurocrime! The Italian Cop and Gangster Films That Ruled the 70s


Danny Greene: The Rise and Fall of the Irishman

Danny Greene: The Rise and Fall of the Irishman


The Lonesome Death Of ... 4:7-8

The Lonesome Death Of … 4:7-8


COMVIP Gangster Italian Mafia Fedora Straw Hats Summer Panama Sun Jazz Cap Brown

COMVIP Gangster
italian mafia Fedora Straw Hats Summer Panama Sun Jazz Cap Brown


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Living The Oath

Living The Oath

Much has been written about the history of the twentieth-century US-based Italian Mafia; their organization, their crimes and their brutality. But who were these people? What was it like to live a life of crime immersed in an underworld filled with deception, brutality and danger? Did they lose all sense of right and wrong, or were there elements of humanity and decency that survived a lifetime of…

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