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Conspiracy theories why people think and how they propagate | (MCT), David Aaronovitch and I are journalists, born the same year, but apparently was much luckier than I in the first 30 years or more of his career.
Roberto Saviano: “Camorra is a European problem”

Dirty Deeds: Mafia Romance

Dirty Deeds:
mafia Romance

Are You Ready To Get Dirty??Renzo never thought that his brother nearly being killed would bring the woman of his dreams into his life, but it did. He also never imagined that he would fall so hard for a woman, that he would consider giving up everything just to keep her, but for Clarissa, he would. Renzo Bianchi is the CEO of a surgical supply company, and the son of a big-time investment tycoo…

ROMANCE: Italian Love Spell -  A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (The Italian Love Spell Book 1)

ROMANCE: Italian Love Spell – A Bad Boy Mafia Romance (The Italian Love Spell Book 1)

Her love life is in shambles, she’s trying to date again. But… CIA agent Laura Carver can’t live a normal life. Tracking the killer of her best friend and CIA agent, Laura goes to Italy to meet with The Prince of Venice. Rich, powerful, and sex on legs, Laura tries to pretend she’s a prostitute to sneak her way into his protected palace and as she stands in a line-up of girls.He picks only…

Knocked Up By The Russian Mafia Billionaire

Knocked Up By The
russian mafia Billionaire

Contains Sexy Billionaire Romance Scenes That Leave Very Little To The Imagination..With A 40 Book Bonus Romance Collection Inside! Dianne is living her life like an ordinary Art student, getting ready for a national competition that could bring her the fortune and recognition she needs.When the model she uses to practice turns out to be a Russian mobster who wants her at all costs, she has no ch…

Excellent Cadavers

Excellent Cadavers


Origins of the Mafia

Origins of
The Mafia


This provocative and compelling 5-part drama from Granada International Television journeys back more than 400 years to 16th-century Sicily, where the small Italian island has fallen victim to corruption, intimidation, extortion, and brutality, all at the hands of the ruthless Gramignano family. The program then follows the development of succeeding Sicilian Mafiosos, illustrating the limitless po…

Mafia Collection: Premium Collector's Edition

Mafia Collection: Premium Collector’s Edition


FEATURED PROFILES: DVD 1 – Charles “Lucky” Luciano & Carmine Galante DVD 2 – Roy DeMeo & Vito GenoveseDVD 3 – Joe Colombo & John GottiDVD 4 – Sam Giancana & Meyer LanskyDVD 5 – Donnie Brasco & Allen DorfmanDVD 6 – Joe Valachi & Tony Spilotro Over 10 hours of gripping documentary films on 6 DVDs. Hard-hitting films get you up close and personal with the men behind the mob. Include…

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