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italian mafia gangsters are better than modern?

You know, I'm talking about people like Don Corleone in The Godfather. Why wear suits and ties is that if they go around killing people? Are they more civilized than modern urban gangs such as blood and maimed? Or are they all equal? Why wear these former "sophisticated" clothing, then? Mafia was a relatively honorable? In my opinion, all gangs are bad. However, the line between a band and a legitimate, independent organization but often becomes blurred. Anyone who has watched "Sarkar" know what I'm talking about. Sometimes, people in these illegal groups have good altruistic reasons, but often run some rackets on the side of raising money to fund their projects. Is it confusing? Would you deal with something like The Mafia, if you thought there was a good cause (for example, brought power to the people)? Would you Don / Bhai if given the chance?

Never heard of making a record crowd by shooting, killing innocent people. They may have killed people while they were aimed at someone, but never indiscriminately kill anyone. In general, family members are very good to their wives and children, and hold in high esteem. Gang members tend to objectify women and abuse them. In addition, the "Family" (who do not like the word "Mafia) is a commercial enterprise, not a gang. You can do illegal business, but also have many legitimate businesses. Believe me, everything that happens in this organization is all about business and power. When someone dies, it comes to money, power, or respect. Not sold drugs to children. They do not do business with people who sell drugs to children. If capture one of its partners to do this, they will be punished. Most people who run the family are very intelligent, well educated men, not a bunch of thugs street which took control of violence. Many of them are international businessmen. I doubt that the leader of the Bloods or Crips could conduct business on the level that the family does. crime gangs are disorganized. That's why many are in prison. The family is much more professional and intelligent. That's why it is difficult to catch, and even more difficult for criminal proceedings. Does not make many mistakes. If I had to make a decision, I went with the family at all times.

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