italian mafia hierarchy
What organized crime group has a better ranking, the Yakuza or the mafia?

I've been watching the film "Yakuza" and "The Godfather", both are good, but how organized they are, out of curiosity?

I do not know the film "Yakuza" but the movie "The Godfather" is fiction, is of America In The Mafia, and is about 1945 years to 1955. Of course, the italian mafia today is different. First, you can not say someone who has come of her dress. Some gangsters have fancy homes and luxury cars, but others, those wanted by the police, live very humble lives. They are usually pretty male chauvinist, but in recent years, some wives or daughters of killing mob bosses have taken over companies their husbands or fathers. Until 15 years ago, many judges and policemen were killed by the Mafia, but in recent years, almost ceased to kill non-offenders. Usually, only kill each other. This is probably due to a severe struggle against those who kill public officials. Recently, the sicilian mafia was lesser but similar organizations in two other regions of Italy became more important, the Ndrangheta in Calabria and the Camorra of Campania. To get an accurate and fresh eye to this fierce Italian Mafia, the Camorra, see the film "Gomorra" (Gomorrah "in Italian).

Serbia: the meeting point of the international mafia !!

Giovanni Falcone Part 1 (English Subtitled)

Giovanni Falcone Part 1 (English Subtitled)


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