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Italo-American …. Guido?

I have to write this in English …. but anyone can respond in Italian if they wish. Why is there so much racism on YouTube to the Italians? "I just saw on YouTube and saw they were talking about" Guidos "and, obviously, was a kind of insult for an Italian to judge by the images. What is a Guido? Why always stereotyped Italians as gangsters? Qualcuno mi può spiegare? I also noticed that when some Americans of Italian origin who come to Italy believe that the mafia is ….. in Italia non si cool Scherza!

I understand. My grandfather is Sicilian, and hates The Mafia. He does not like the movies The Godfather and other Veiws and negative on the Italians. In the U.S., this lifestyle is idolized, probably because the money and power associated with it. really no sense, but it exists. There are other ethnic groups also idolize this lifestyle. Guido, located primarily in the tri-state area, the 2007 version is different in the 1980s who wore suits and had Iroc Z or trans-ams that always had to hang red horn. Now go tanning, use too much gel in his hair spiky, some bracelets, tight t-shirts, tweezers or wax their eyebrows, often in "gym da" or "da club". I do not understand is that there is no Guidos in Italy! I hope that helped!

Italian Crime Organization

Ep 141 - The Invaders

Ep 141 – The Invaders

Fade to Black

Fade to Black


The Octopus: Series 1, Episode 1

The Octopus: Series 1, Episode 1

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