italian mafia members
living with the mob next door?

In my neighborhood there are 2 different mafia families. one Russian and one Italian in two different parts, but 2 blocks from the each other. Both have the biggest houses in the neighborhood. They never have problems with the sympathy they are really peaceful. We almost never see in the neighborhood that are home or not. I hate it when people on the street and if members of The Mafia is people have to always say hello to them because some of my neighbors are afraid of what they think they have to say hello as a sign of respect. These people kill people for a living and then go buy jewelry houses and luxury cars of blood money. Why do I have to respect that? My parents always tell me they just say hello when I see them. Never say hello if you could kill me. BTW who are the utmost consideration by federal authorities, especially Italian family. Do I have to show respect Or should I walk and flip the middle finger at once?

It seems another case of someone who watches television too much on the myth known as the Cosa Nostra.

Seizure of assets hurting italian mafia

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