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Hello! My name is Francesca, Italian girl.I age of 15 just want to know what people think about Italian!

I was yesterday talking to an Algerian boy telling me he hates all the Italian people because he thinks we are all members of the mafia. And that's not true at all! I live in Italy since birth and I know The Mafia a major problem in my country, especially in the South, but not all Italians are Mafia members! ABSOLUTELY NOT! … I hate racism and all kinds of stereotypes, so I can not understand why men hate me and all Italians just because we have the problem of the mafia in our country! So I ask this question because I want know what you, your family, friends and in general the Americans think about the Italians! PS: sorry for my bad English, I'm only 15 and have never been a country where English is the native language, so can not speak that language well! But I'm trying to learn the best! ^ _ ^

Yes, I've been in Italy only to Milan and Florence. I was going to Rome, but there was a train strike and I loved it. I have some Italian friends here in the States and I am used his generosity, warmth, and large kitchen. The Italians in Italy are very polished in terms of possession style and class. I LOVE accents in general, so it is natural for me, but to worship the Italian accent. When the Language Italian is spoken just seems to roll of the tongue so effortlessly, smoothly and gently as if it is a humming sound. It is a species of the same as the Spanish, but much more elegant. Seriously, I only speak Italian and that's it, you got me! I will be in respect both of you * Smiles * Not everyone dresses with a sense of sophistication of a masculine or feminine. It is a very nice unlike the Americans who made the style of pants jeans, hats, slippers, and track suits. Women in Europe for the bag and shoes are the most important aspects of your computer. I also like how all around Europe people walk, take public transportation (buses, subways, trains, subways, taxis) and motorcycles to reach their destination, regardless of what they are using. I think Americans could learn a lot from the Italians and the rest of Europe in terms of how they live. Because here in the States we're so focused material things (the newer, larger and more expensive), work-at-addicted, greedy, and selfish. But in Europe the opposite is true, Europeans know what really matters most, but seem to have their priorities straight. Its units of happiness from within, as they lead simple lives and remember the importance of family, religion, history and culture. Not to mention the men are beautiful and women are beautiful. Since I returned to the States refused to eat any so-called "Italian" knowing that restaurants are not authentic or even close to the types of food that had lived in Italy. And stores of Italian Gelato is so stupid … I can not wait to return to Italy for real! So thank God I have Italian-American friends who invite me over to his house for dinner lol The last time I was in Italy was in the summer of '06 and I still can not stop the word Europe (Italy, France, Germany, UK, places I visited) out of my vocabulary. lol. There is a real problem or anything, but my family is so tired of me talking about it lol …. has been 2 years. Anyway, I'm thinking about returning to Europe next summer and have convinced my mother to go to Italy, but I am still working on my sister. It also does not mind living there. I had lots of fun! I have no bad things say, however, driving is crazy. I almost ran over twice! ** English is just fine and I do not think that all Italians are involved in the mafia … and frankly I would not mind. I love mafia movies * smiles * but I'm sure that kind of life style of living is not the same as films and only the very dangerous situations to be in.

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