italian mafia princess
Why is this world full of stereotypes?

I'm an Italian girl. people automatically assume that I am a mafia princess, because I live in a nice house. Well, that's the case no. my parents grew up in a poor area of New Jersey. They worked hard for their money and that is why we have a good home and that are proud of their achievements. Now for the Jewish people, who are perceived as frugal. Why is this? Do you think this is true with honesty? my best friend is Jewish and she is very tight on money when their parents have really good jobs and a very nice house. Also, I noticed that Jews are very much in education. My friend is a right of a student and is highly motivated to enter an Ivy League university. which of course is a good thing. Why is this? I'M NOT ANTI SEMETIC .. I wonder about about these stereotypes?

People are quick to label anything everything.Stereotypes are generalizations about a group of people that we can allocate a defined set of characteristics of this group.Stereotype – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A stereotype is a simplification and / or standardized conception or image with a specific meaning, often shared by people on another group

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