italian mafia ranks
If you were going to be a member of the mafia in what position would you be and why?

If you were going to be a member of the mafia family wants to be (not worry if your not of Italian descent … only for the love of arugment this is not a problem for this question) 1.Capo di tutti capi (the "boss of all bosses") 2.Capo di Capi Re (a title of respect given to a senior member or retired, which means being a member emeritus, literally, "King boss of bosses") 3. Capo Crimine ( "Crime Boss", known as Don – the head of a crime family) 4. Capo Bastone ( "Club Head", known as the "Underboss" is the second in command to the Crimine Capo) 5. Consigliere (counselor) 6. Capo ( "head arrangement", a captain who commands a "crew "about ten Sgarra or" soldiers ") 7. sGarrista or Soldato (" Soldier ", made members of The Mafia who serve primarily as foot Soldiers) 8. Picciotto ( "Little Man", a low ranking member who serves as public enforcer a "") 9. Giovane of honor (an associate member usually someone not of Italian descent)

I'm definitely a consigliere …. always was. Wer to see your mouth!

Undercover for the FBI – Jack Garcia

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