italian mafia structure
Has anyone seen the history of / the beginning of Russian or red mafiathat ran on television?

Some girl named Jennifersuem think she is smart with his response. Please do not reply back. Everybody knows what, where, how, when and why the word mafia "Came into existence. Today, in the stream of time from the beginning of the word, or rather is the insertion in the sensitivity of today, is also used the word "mafia" when referring to the Russian criminal element, born of rejection in society, flourishing in the same family-like structure and essentially the way during the years the same as when the italian mafia had its beginning. modern sensibilities demand that not split hairs like that. Try to answer the question next time.

sry u cannot help

who Will buy some many guns that can blow a small city ? Mafia, Gangster, Robbery or Terrorist.

The Last Struggle With The Mafia

The Last Struggle With
The Mafia


Here is the story, in his own words, of how Cesare Mori, with the support of Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, took on the might of the sicilian mafia. It was a struggle that earned Mori much criticism of his methods from the liberal media, but much praise not only from Mussolini himself but from the people of Sicily who had for decades lived in fear of this criminal secret society which ha…

Mafia, Money and Politics in Sicily 1950-1997

Mafia, Money and Politics in Sicily 1950-1997


Antonio Salvo was a mafioso, but he did not traffic in narcotics, he did not run weapons, he did not kill anyone and he did not take part in the ‘ordinary’ mafia activities. Salvo was a business man, one of the wealthiest business men in Sicily. He took an interest in all important lines of business and had close political connections at the highest levels in Rome. He represented another, but not …

Cultural Warfare and Trust: Fighting the Mafia in Palermo (Perspectives on Democratic Practice MUP)

Cultural Warfare and Trust: Fighting the Mafia in Palermo (Perspectives on Democratic Practice MUP)

‘Cultural warfare and trust: fighting the Mafia in Palermo’ concentrates on a central issue in research on democratic processes: the development of generalised trust. The existence of generalised trust and confidence in a society is decisive for economic development and an effective democracy. Is it possible to fight persistent values of distrust and non-cooperation? Is it possible to support the …

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong has swiped all the Mini Mario toys from the Mario Toy Company and it’s up to Mario to track him down and get back the goods. In Mario vs. Donkey Kong you’ll leap, climb, and battle your way through increasingly challenging levels using switches, conveyor belts, hammers and other tools to save the day. Shy guys, piranha plants, bob-ombs, and other classic mushroom kingdom bad guys, stan…

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