italian mafia tattoo
that is higher or has more power? The mafia … or blood?

as one who could remove it, or whose superior if that is the word … Mafia (think Italian do you see in sorpranos, good guys and godfather) or blood? and if your blood has a tattoo of a B on the inside of his right hand?

More structured and organized? I would say The Mafia. But not as powerful more. families have achieved significant and splintered by the FBI crime bosses are dead or in jail. Do not think that watching the Sopranos is an indication of how powerful they are. Street gangs are more violent these days, but are not organized. And you said Bloods, Crips, but what? Only in the East Coast Bloods are not large numbers. In California, the Crips outnumber Bloods more than 2 to 1. But you can not say, because of all the fake gangster rappers as being a 'popular Blood "(Lil' Wayne, Cam'ron, etc.) California Bloods have to" more bang hard, "because some of the Crips Blood / Piru area could be surrounded by 2,3, or 4 different Crip" sets. "

Lil Joe CEO – the 76 syndicate

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