What is the most realistic representation of The Mafia? Goodfellas or The Godfather?

The Godfather crew enjoyed opera, good wine and good living, while the Goodfellas / Casino people seem to be more crass. What is the real deal? Did an upper crust / lower class divisions within the mafia?

Goodfellas is certainly more realistic, based on reports of an associate real Mob. The Godfather is too wild romantic fictional portrait of the life of the mafia, even for the period from the late '40s as a whole. There was never any honor or chivalry real in the mafia. Nobody refers to mob bosses like "Godfather" Puzo before. And as this happens it is very rare that a Mafia boss to be succeeded by his son.

Richard Pryor:THE MAFIA

The Ties That Bind: A Mafia Romance

The Ties That Bind: A Mafia Romance

When my brother Jayce orders a hit on Arabella Wilson, the daughter of our greatest rival, I have no choice but to obey. But Arabella isn’t just the enemy—she’s also the woman who broke my heart more than a decade ago. The longer I delay, the more erratic and unstable Jayce becomes … until he issues an ultimatum there’s no turning back from. Someone has to die, but who will it be? My brother o…

Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires

Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mafia Empires


For half a century, the American Mafia outwitted, outmaneuvered, and outgunned the FBI and other police agencies, wreaking unparalleled damages to America’s social fabric and business enterprises while emerging as the nation’s most formidable crime empire. The vanguard of this criminal juggernaut is still led by the Mafia’s most potent and largest borgatas: New York’s Five Families.Selwyn Raab’s …

Mafia: The History of the Mob

Mafia: The History of
the mob


This book is about extraordinary men who lived through extraordinary times. The History of the Mob tells the stories of their lives, their families, their code, their crimes, and their cold-blooded murders”from Don Vito Cascio Ferro, the New York mobster who lured Joe Petrosino to his death in Palermo, to John Gotti, the Teflon don and Bernardo the Tractor Provenzano, who hid out in a farmho…

Mafia [Reissue]

Mafia [Reissue]


“Mafia” was Black Label Society’s sixth studio album originally released in March 2005. It sees a return to the much heavier style of “1919 Eternal” and “The Blessed Hellride” and was their most globally successful album to date, selling over 250,000 in the US alone. “In This River” is dedicated to the memory of Dimebag Darrell, who had been a close friend of Zakk’s before his untimely death, and …




Italy’s FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE has finished work on its second album, a 5-track EP titled Mafia. Vocalist Paolo Rossi comments: “The album focuses on the connection between racketeering and illness. It’s like a hidden sickness that consumes us from deep within and that can’t be erased, unless you decide to wake up and face it. Mafia is like an octopus, whose tentacles grab everyone’s free will, and …

Mystic Stylez 20th Anniversary (Limited, Double, Red Vinyl Collection)

Mystic Stylez 20th Anniversary (Limited, Double, Red Vinyl Collection)


On May 9, 1995, the release of an album by a new Memphis rap group changed the future of Memphis rap and the future of rap itself. The release of “Mystic Stylez” by Three Six Mafia marked the first commercial release of a supergroup that formed through the merger of DJ Paul and Juicy J, two of Memphis’ most popular mixtape DJs in the early 90’s. The group would go on to record 9 albums and be the …

3 - Danger Oilfield Mafia Hard Hat / Helmet Stickers 1” x 2”

3 – Danger Oilfield Mafia Hard Hat / Helmet Stickers 1” x 2”


High quality professionally manufactured stickers. Weather and UV resistant inks screen printed on waterproof vinyl. These high quality stickers will last for years under harsh conditions. Stickerpirate stands 100% behind its products. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will make it right….

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