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Help! Couples Halloween Costume?

Okay, my husband and I coordinate for this Halloween. I found this very pretty dress pin up girl … what would be a good suit for him? So far I thought maybe a gangster / mobster or James Dean, and look with the white shirt and leather jacket. Thoughts? Does anyone have anything better???

Perhaps a sailor or any other military uniform?

T-Hud ft. Project Pat, Three 6 mafia – Gangsta (instrumental

Mobster Biography; Al Scarface Capone.

Mobster Biography; Al Scarface Capone.

Al “Scarface” Capone is considered by many to have been the most famous gangster that ever lived. He built an image and persona around being well dressed and debonair but in reality he possessed a level of raw brutality rarely seen even among underworld figures. Capone’s flashy behavior and generosity earned him the adoration of Chicago and the wider United States but the infamous Saint Vale…

Love and Zika (Badboy Gay Mafia Book 1)

Love and Zika (Badboy Gay Mafia Book 1)

“Love is for chumps.”Jack is a lone wolf, a career online scammer who works every angle. His hard body and his gay desires are just another way to get what he wants. And he needs an accomplice to provide the computing power for his new Zika scam.”Finally, a man who treats me well.”So many guys exploited Simon’s loneliness. Jack walks into his office and is completely different: he even brings Simo…

Swimming to Cuba (Badboy Gay Mafia Book 3)

Swimming to Cuba (Badboy Gay Mafia Book 3)

“Adam is only my business partner.”Linus doesn’t let his attraction to Adam interfere with their smuggling business. He can worry about love on his off hours, not when he’s piloting cargo across the Florida Straits. And Linus knows not to trust a man. Especially not a Cuban man.”You saved my life, and I…”Adam saves Linus’s life at sea, even if he can’t save their boat or their business. Linus is…

CafePress - Brass Knuckles Military Green T-Shirt - 100% Cotton T-Shirt

CafePress – Brass Knuckles Military Green T-Shirt – 100% Cotton T-Shirt


CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. With thousands of designs to choose from, you are certain to find the unique item you’ve been seeking. This standard fit short-sleeve t-shirt features a comfortable crew neck and quality construction, making it the perfect graphic tee gift for both men and women. The soft fabric looks as good as it feels, and this tee…

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