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Peter Molyneux: Facebook is causing the PC games to be "reborn" Filed under: Browser The Lionhead Studios team has focused primarily in making the game console for the Xbox 360 in recent years, but its founder Peter Molyneux started as a computer game designer, making classic games like Dungeon Keeper and others. However, in a video chat with our sister site Switched Molyneux said the PC as a platform for the games is to get a second life (so …
MVG – How to Mass Add mafia Wars Facebook Friends 1of2




The Mafia, Asian drug lords, and Wall Street financiers wage an all-out war for control of the world’s multi-billion-dollar heroin trade, while a lawman fights a battle for his own soul…

Two Women

Two Women


From the master storyteller and creator of Charlie Muffin When accountant John Carver dies in a road accident, the two women in his life find out about each other’s existence. Jane, the unsuspecting wife, and Alice, the mistress, streetwise financial journalist and skilled computer hacker are unexpectedly thrown together as they find themselves hunted by the mafia. John’s death was in reality no a…

The Executioner #22 Hawaiian Hellground

The Executioner #22 Hawaiian Hellground

Strong spine with rubbing and wear. Bright clean cover has light creasing, shelf and edge wear. Text is perfect. Same day shipping first class….

H.T.Niao Jacket9931 Men 's Fashion War Warm Jackets

H.T.Niao Jacket9931 Men ‘s Fashion War Warm Jackets

H.T.Niao Accessories with the importance of clothing accounted for more than 40%, because the good mix of accessories often play a key role. A suitable jacket can make people more confident, calm, youth, flying….

DW Toddler The Huntsman Winter's War Short Sleeve Climb Jumpsuit Black

DW Toddler The Huntsman Winter’s War Short Sleeve Climb Jumpsuit Black

Note:Baby Jumpsuit Size & Age For Guidance Only, It Is Essential That You Take Careful Measurements In Order To Ensure Proper Fit….

G&T Retro Chic Gothic Steampunk Flip-up Round Mirror Lens Metal Frame Sunglasses

G&T Retro Chic Gothic Steampunk Flip-up Round Mirror Lens Metal Frame Sunglasses

G&T unique gothic steampunk round unisex sunglasses are retro and personality. Features include a bold full rim metal frame, metal hinges and mirrored UV400 protected lenses. The intricate details and bold rimmed frame that resemble a steampunk inspired are good for this season’s…

Alekhine's Gun (Xbox One)

Alekhine’s Gun (Xbox One)


It is the height of the Cold War, a time of global uncertainty and civil unrest. You are Agent Alekhine, a highly skilled Russian assassin, driven by a moral compass that leads you headfirst into a covert operation unsanctioned by the country you previously served. Working alongside American CIA agents, your mission is clear – though how you accomplish it is anything but – as the tension of a nucl…

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