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mafia Wars on Facebook – Is there any way to change rackets Properties?

I was playing mafia wars for a while, and had in the Properties tab where you buy the lots and then building to go over them, and should not occasionally be stolen. However, I have a friend in the game, and she has the tab Rackets place, where every day she has to worry about choosing to run the racket, and sometimes lose the shoe mounted because they were "busted" by the authorities. She really wants to properties in place, but despite the MW FAQ makes it sound like you can choose rackets or Properties, we have found no way do this. Snowshoes are a pain. Anyone have any suggestions?

Everything I've read has said that after a certain point, new players and no longer has Rackets have properties with the exception of older players than before. And there is no way to change. I do not see anything in the FAQ about being able to change. What exactly he says the answer?


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