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How does my friend get 3 reward points on mafia Wars daily?

Yes, my friend get 3 reward points everyday play mafia wars. Could someone tell me what you have to do to get those points every day? I like the way you spend oh so valuable points so badly. Last night he bought with money from the godfather of these points. So, you have to like, win something, having some level, to a certain amount of jobs or how do you get PO daily. Thanks in advance, horrorchicken.

Remember: If ► to increase by 2 levels each time, then you get one reward point. ► If you go to websites that give you reward points, then you will also earn reward points. ► If you have 6 of the lottery tickets, and claim the prize, then 1 to 5 points will get the reward.

Mafia Wars free godfather points

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How to Make Prison Weapons to Survive a Gang War in Prison: A Memoir of Life in Lockdown with Serial Killers,
mobsters and Gang Bangers

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