Why do governments around the world are not able to eradicate the drug mafia?

Are sufficiently serious or not gangs are more powerful that organs of government?

Police can detain The Mafia easily, not even have to use large weapons, SWAT, but does not mean stop I'm going to jail or be fined, there will be no trial in court, mostly mafia can win in court because they have the best lawyer, and may threaten the witness, other lawyers, the judge easily. Some kids think doing the crime will be fined or go to jail, but that will be decided in court. Police can `t just running to the mafia` s property, have 100 percent certain tests before doing that. If the police are running in the mafia `s house without a good evidence that will be the Police `s crime. That's the power of the mafia.

Three 6 Mafia feat. TiĆ«sto – Feel It (Official Music Video)

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