movie about italian mafia
Quick-I need the name of a movie about the mafia Funny fact 7yrs ago?

This film is about The Mafia, but also mocks films such as Casino, Scarface and Forrest Gump. I can not remember his name or the actors if anyone out there know is her name please answer ASAP! Winner takes all points immediately. It's kind of a silent film, such as horror films

Jane Austen's Mafia! (sometimes presented like the Mafia!)

italian mafia – A Short Tribute

Jimmy Della Valle: It's Just A Jimmyism

Jimmy Della Valle: It’s Just A Jimmyism


Origins of the Mafia

Origins of the Mafia


This provocative and compelling 5-part drama from Granada International Television journeys back more than 400 years to 16th-century Sicily, where the small Italian island has fallen victim to corruption, intimidation, extortion, and brutality, all at the hands of the ruthless Gramignano family. The program then follows the development of succeeding Sicilian Mafiosos, illustrating the limitless po…

Italian Mafia 2-Movie Bundle - Donnie Brasco & My Cousin Vinnie

Italian Mafia 2-Movie Bundle – Donnie Brasco & My Cousin Vinnie


A wise-guy Brooklyn lawyer and his motor-mouth girlfriend go to Alabama to defend his innocent cousin for murder. Supporting actress Oscar for Marisa Tomei.Posing as jewel broker Donnie Brasco, FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone (Johnny Depp) is granted entranceinto the violent mob family of aging hit man Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino). When his personal and professional lives collide, Pistone jeopardizes hi…

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