I know I can watch Godfather or read books on the Gotti family – but I need more current info (as current as possible) on some information on the italian mafia – Is it still rampant in NYC and Italy? Who is the leader now that Gotti is gone? Do ALL Italians have some family member connected to the mob? Is it really anything like Godfather or Sopranos – or is that just TV? I am doing a report for a college course and just need to know where to start for finding this information…please help..

Are you joking?
Do you think italian people are all criminals?!?!
I know you're talking about the story but it's not true.
I'm italian from naples and I'm not a criminal.
the problem is that when we arrived for the first time in newyork, we was very poor and we invented italian mafia. U was very worried beacause you thought we were animals. This situation was a very unreal situaton.
Here in italy is happening the same thing with Romanian. There are a lot of them here and they are very bad. So most of italian people think romanian are all criminals. It's not true. They are poor this is the problem….we don't give them where to work and they start beeing crimals. It's the same thing with italian people in USA (in the past)
( I'm italian and I've clicked on the american flag from Yahoo Answer Italia. Maybe I've done some mistakes but anyway…byebye)

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