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Music mafia type ……..?

Can anyone recommend the artists that perform The Mafia style of classical music, like music in commercials of famous Mafia films, television series, games, etc? I do not mean, as Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, I mean real traditional music opera Italian. ADDENDUM ***** ***** Can I add that I am looking for * real * gangster music .. Sicilian opera singers .. mindless tripe no headscarves, smoking crack, deprived ethnic groups in ground pools scummy U.S.. thanks.

I second "del_cio …"' s assessment:" no such thing as the music of the Mafia, "and fully support its recommendation (s). Here is a list of You Tube page extracts from" The Godfather " and other "gangster" films. If you count those of the first page there are 23 in number, and if you look at the bottom of the page, you will notice that there are 7 sites listed in total. This is an approximate minimum. of about 120 for you to entertain yourself with, enjoy: Alberich

Cooking and Cursing with the Grandsons of Italy (Explicit)

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