sicilian mafia
im bout da mafia.i can get credit Learnin Xtra 4 doin somthin creativity in the region of large Sicily.but nothing!?

im studying The Mafia and I just received this week to turn around what I want for the extra credit! I need something creative and easy to make at home in Sicily … of preference for with the Sicilian mafia or a mob in Sicily.

Here are some of the dates in history that you could consider. Mafia associate 1864, the report of Baron Turrisi Colonna "great sect" is published in 1865-70 Uditore near Palermo, Sicily – The first group forms traceability Cosa Nostra, as the religious charity, the "tertiary San Francisco", by Antonino Giammona, with the help of Father Rosario (chaplain at the Vicarage The prison, the crime of Palermo "school"), running protection rackets among commercial citrus, with the complicity of the police and the judiciary.

Sicilian Mafia

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