Will there ever be a time when the italian mafia will flurish like they did in the 20’s and eariler…I mean they did alot of good for America….even if the FBI thinks they didn’t…in the next 50 years what would their status be?

No, they will never flourish like they did in the 20’s simply due to too much competition in the areas of organized “wrong doings”.

Even The Mafia itself has taken on “legitimate” business ventures and activities.
They’ve learned the ins & outs of politics and large business practices…riding that fine line between legit and illegal.
They now have the financial backing to hire the best lawyers, the best accountants, etc.

The new incoming foreign organizations of organized crime are moving into areas that previously were control by the italian mafia, while the Italian mafia has moved forward into property and business ownership where they control their ventures within a more professional arena now.

In a way, they ARE flourishing….at least some of them…..just in different ways and means.

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