Just curious. Ok I admit it I am bored but please entertain me on this intelligent question.

Your Answers will also help explain why mafia members stay in The Mafia knowing their lives are at risk just because the other guy doesnt like him.

If we told you we would have to kill you.

Seriously though No one just runs out and joins in Mob activities and anyone with a brain does not even consider it.
I mean why run around taking advantage of people, risking your freedom, risking the life of yourself and those around you??

Anyone can hustle and do it without any "mafia" ties.
Just bank money, keep your business to yourself, stay low key, get a job to keep your fronty up, and only trust a few select folks and still never let them know too much. Always keep a legal advisor and always keep bail money and bondsman ready. Also keep property In other folks names that are trustworthy Mom, Auntie, etc.

In reality the so called "Mafia" now days is nothing like way back. Now it is so diluted with bull crap it is not funny
A lot of wannabes and half wits who would not know a good hustle if it smacked them. They sure do not know how to keep a low profile and that is how folks do time that grandstanding and having thier name ringing out.

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