who started the italian mafia
Could you tell me which is grammatically correct writing. It would be a short review.?

This is the text: The Boondock Saints 1999, the crime is an action movie drama written and directed by Troy Duffy. Fraternal twins Conner and Murphy MacMannus believe they are on a mission from God to rid Boston crime. However, the brothers were well educated (both of them speak four languages each) who had worked in a meatpacking plant. They liked this work and realize their career aspirations in 100%. But unfortunately, in Saint-Patrick morning that killed two members of the Russian mafia in defense own, and it all started, are believed to be on a mission from God. Brothers, with his friend and former child mafia sent David Della Rocco, is to release his hometown of Boston Russian and italian mafia. The townspeople are not all that shocked to see at ridding the city of crime, while police are on their way, headed by maverick FBI agent Smecker homosexuals, conflict in the desire to catch the guards or side with them.

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italian mafia car dealership

The Mafiosi

The Mafiosi

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