Joe Kennedy was a criminal, the money that all the Kennedys have been living off, is blood money- from bootlegging and smuggling.

Maybe because of sympathy for the tragic murders of Bobby & John, could instill some bias BUT look what the rest of the Kennedys have done since 1970- led elitist and excessive lifestyles, many of them drunks, drug users, many never have worked and earned an honest dollar, "Skankle" murderded a neighbor girl, one raped a girl another fled the scene of a fatal accident and then escaped justice by paying off everyone.

Why is the media obsessed with the Kennedys?
Why doesn't the media pander and worship the italian mafia families too?
Is it because Gotti never held public office?
Is it because the media prefers Irish mafia to Italian mafia? If so, is that racist?
Is it because they carry the socialist flag?
When liberals can't admit an obvious flaw within their socialist empire, they say it was too long ago, doesn't matter and other ridiculous excuses- just look at the liberal's repsonses to this question.

I guess being a liberal means you are so arrogant that you never have to admit you are wrong, even when you're dead wrong.

I will readily admit republicans have many, many faults; most of them are for acting like democrats- excessive spending, not sealing the borders, allowing govt to grow, etc; liberals just can't do that, can they?

Certainly the tragic and horrible murders of Jack and Bobby, opened up a human side to the Kennedy family that made them into icons. Sadly, the remaining Kennedys have proven to be a MAJOR disappointment, all the negative qualities you listed TIMES 10!

The media has finally lost their incredible infatuation of the Kennedy family and its evident they are not people to emulate, worship, follow, elect or continue to give special treatment. The Kennedys need to roll up their sleeves and work hard like everyone else.

I like your analogy to the italian mafia but actually that is an insult the Italian mafia are much more honorable and decent people, than the Kennedy family.

May the devil claim Teddy and make him pay for cheating his way through life and his mortal sin, leaving that girl to drown, to save his worthless and shameful political career.

edit- yes, you could say the same thing about the Bush family if you happened to be a brainwashed "tool" of George Soros & lacked any objectivity and honesty BUT thats why you are a socailisr, right comrade, eh?

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