Yakuza vs Triads against the italian mafia vs russian mafia?

Who would win?

The Italian of the italian mafia has been reduced but not outside. The Yakuza has always existed, but not as powerful in the U.S. like the Italians. The Triads are on equal footing with Yakuza. The Russian mafia is the only who comes to power and influence. However, the Italian Mafia has been in the game for a long time. Much more than the Russians. You can trace roots back to Sicily Palermo, etc. Do not forget that the Italian mafia has connections worldwide and tentacles that extend beyond North America. If you really want to get rid of Russians here in the states, would call their families in Italy and would have a new wave of immigrants at Ellis Island. I think they're happy to be still in existence here and it is cooperating with other groups peacefully.

Yakuza vs Mafia Review

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