italian mafia signs
should explore the trails?

I found a few brochures in my backyard and have a map of my neighborhood, and on the location of my home, was a Taj Mahal like building, and there was a road called tightlips way, and that led to a spot marked by a Roman temple. And in the booklet that had maps of my house friends. And there were maps madeup parts of Italy and India. but the road through a forest that I think a backyard. And one of the friends in the map was beaten by a Tightlips mysterious. He made some indications of the mafia. And some neighbors said they saw an Arab boy who spoke bad English, and wore a turban and a robe and veil Arab beach towels made of colored signature settings Pathways Tightlips saying in English, Hindi, and Italian. I think there might be a child who does not live too far, which had been in love with me, and some of my Indian friends. He ended up scaring me and my mom called. And he is Italian, and what do all kinds of things bazaar.

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bloods gang hand sign