Stefano Magaddino was one of the longest serving bosses in American Cosa Nostra history, although his crime family in Niagara Falls was considerably smaller than the New York families, Magaddino still managed to become the most powerful Castlellammarese Leader.
This story told by retired NYS Trooper from the Organized Crime Task Force, George Karalus. Also included in this 60 minute DVD never before seen photos of the 1957 Apalachin raid.

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The Buffalo crime family Boss led his family from Prohibition era, through the 1960’s and into the 1970’s. For roughly 50 years Stefano Magaddino was a presence in the Western New York criminal underworld as well as being the head of the national syndicate and La Cosa Nostra affairs. He was a founding memberand and head of Charlie “Lucky” Luciano’s Commission and attended important underworld summits such as the 1946 Havana Conference and the 1957 Apalachin meeting.
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Three 6 Mafia featuring Project Pat, Young D and Superpower Lolli Lolli

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