i hope not most of them, dont mean to be a stereotype, sorry just currious

Vietnamese and Chinese mafia are increasing operations in brothels in Toronto, Canada. They traffic in women from Southeast Asia. Agents pay recruiters up to $8,000 for a woman, who then sell the women to pimps for about $15,000. Agents take 10% of the earnings beyond the original contract. The women are forced to service buyers' 12 hours a day, 400 buyers or $400,000 to pay off their debt.

About twelve 16-30-year-old Asian girls and women were trafficked into Canada each week on visitor's permits and sold into prostitution. The girls and women were bought in North America for up to $15,000 by a network that made about U.S. $1. 4 – $2.2 million annually. The women are sold to brothel owners in Markham and Scarborough Toronto and Los Angeles and forced into $40,000 debt bondage.

1. No. Most Asian women in the US and Canada emmigrated here.

2. I really hope English is not your first language. If it is, you've got some serious problems.

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