Like woman in the show Cashmere mafia. Woman who are doctors/surgeons, lawyers, judges, top executives/senior managers/successful business woman, dentists/orthodontists, etc. Can you date them? Would you marry them? Are you afraid by them? Gives you self esteem or takes away your self esteem? Can you handle them being busy? Can you handle them being independent? Can you handle them being able to take the upper hand in things? Can you handle them to run the household/wear the pants in the family? Can you handle them being able to live without you if they had to? Can you handle staying at home and taking care of the kids while she is at work? Can you handle them being more successful than you are? …Etc.

As usual, all are different.
For me — yes to all above. I can handle a "powerful" (i.e. professional, successful, etc, etc) woman. It's got nothing to do with my self esteem, or hers, for that matter. Her being a great lawyer/doctor and such does not preclude me from being successful.
So long as there's no BS re " I'm smarter than you are, so do as I say". But rejection of that smart-ass attitude is not gender-specific, I won't take cr*p from a guy either.

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