For decades on the web, Russian mafia offer pretty Russian women for sell.The result of many years of this practice make you find more Russian women in Italy, Egypt, Turkey,United states.

For many years Turkey had to restrict the entrance of Russian women because most of then end up in bordello or on the streets.

This not uncommon case in New-york or los-angeles either.But now the economy is booming and Russian women are smart and educated enough to take advantage of the new Russian Economy.Do you think that will stop the flow of Russian women living Russia for prostitution or a foreign husband?
I don't think Turkey is a shitholl.You should visit Ankara's luxurious area.Before the oil boom that Russia is enjoying now, Turkey was far wealthier than Russia's.Try to remember the Yeltsin era with the perestroika and crazy privatizations.Remember the high alcoholism, poverty and crime.Turkey was enjoying the a good economy because of Saudi investment, tourism and aerospaces industries.Turkey is doing well for a country with no oil.Now back to the subject.The women who were sent abroad were not even Russian prostitute but regular mother, student or just married girl.It is when they arrive abroad that they become Russian prostitute.russian mafia only sent the finest Russian women abroad..The toothless prostitute usually stay home to be paid in ruble.
Tourism in Turkey is mostly German, swede,american and Italian.Those are people looking for culture and oriental art.There is no fun for a Russian in Turkey.Vodka is very expensive and rare because a majority of the population is still Muslim.
rp121121<–The reason for my question is to know if a particular social phenomenon(prostitution) with a cause(havoc economy) had change since since the past with your new economical success.Why I want to know that?Because I care for Russian people and Society.You maybe won't believe me, but I'm Russophile.I believe Russia was a great nation before communism.Your country has produce the finest brain in the field of science and literature.Now sorry if you are misguided by your hypersensitive nationalism.This is not a rant, II simply use common knowledge fact that can be easily verified.I believe that your great nation will only know true success only by adopting democracy and abandon fascism.
PS.:Yes I knew a bad women in the past who happen to be of Russian origin but this have nothing to do with the question here because I'm currently dating another Russian women anyway.For the one who is curious about my location.I think I can satisfy his crave.
There is only three things am really sure after more than 19 years of life.The first one is that I breath, the second is I know that I don't know everything.The last one is,no one will ever be anonymous on the net.Everyone know the nitty-gritty for tracing another.
For the sole purpose to satisfy your curiosity,well, am often at my friend's cousin's home but I'm not using neither one's ISP since am connected one of his neighbor's free shared wifi,located three blocks from his home.The city where I'm is located near the frontier of another one.Am not sure if the neighbor is in the other side of the frontier or in the same country.Russia is great, keep it great!

So long as there are naive and gullible young women, there will always be women who are vulnerable to getting tricked into prostitution. I've gone to some prostitution education sites, and the usual trick is, a friend, neighbor, or relative will tell an unsuspecting young girl that she knows someone who is hiring for an office clerical position at a distant city, and they're willing to offer paid training, and will provide lodging and meal assistance. The offer is too good to be true, and women jump at the offer. When they arrive at their destination, they're lured someplace where to get to know their employer they need to do drugs. The women become addicted to drugs, and must sell themselves to support their habit. Another fate that awaits them, is they're beaten and raped, and are told they, and their loved ones at home, will meet a similar fate if they don't do as they're told. The women are traumatized and believe their lives depend on giving full cooperation. Police in other countries who do little to help these women are often under-paid police officers, who subsidize their low salaries by accepting bribes from prostitution rings. So long as there are men with $$ who are seeking quick sex, there will always be a demand for prostitutes. The only way to put a stop to this exploitation is to legalize it, and to offer social programs to help these women into getting job training into more respectable professions. I know for a fact that a lot of the women who work at Nevada brothels are using the $$ they earn to fund their expenses, while attending classes at the nearest college.

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